Telemarketing – Building your outbound lead generation stratagy

Posted on by MKIM

How to get the most out of outbound lead generation

Over the last couple of years I have worked with a couple of telemarketing companies promising high quality outbound lead generation, my first observation is that most generally say ” you campaign looks straight forward, I don’t think there will be any issues ” At that point you generally feel quite good about the decision your going to make how ever hindsight says no, that’s the worst thing that can happen.

Before the calling Starts

Market research, what sort of research should you do. Start with you, have you considered what’s good about you? The easiest way will be to pick 6 of your best clients and ask them when they chose you, what needs did your fulfil at the time of purchase, why they continue to use you and what’s it mean to there business. The aim being the key USPs as told by your clients should be collated and used in your following, call emails and letters.

Sectors choose 4 to 6 industry sectors to target. Decide why you want to target them and what you have done previously, this will allow you to confidently present all stages of the prospect phase.

Data, find a reliable data supplier and purchase at least 500 records.

Data cleanse, ring each one and confirm the correct contact details and confirm who is the diecsion maker for the particular service you’re looking to sell to.

Email & letter send, build an email/letter around your key USPs and send to cleansed list of clients you intend to call.

The outbound call Process

As you can see the pre call process is quite in-depth and this type of telemarketing strategy is not cheap, you can do it yourself however time will always get in the way and a seasoned professional will be able to do it better!

My general feeling a campaign put together in this manor will mean success is likely, the reality it that you will never know If the company you employee can actually sell or generate appointments, that you wont know until you have committed!

If there is one thing I have learned, be a prepared as possible and be absolutely clear in your direction, expect them to be as good as you are! We would be more then happy to recommend a company for data and telemarketing so if you have any in-depth question please give me a call and we will love to help.